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Morgen is your new hub for everything that revolves around time management on Windows, Mac or Linux.

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Zero-hustle scheduling

Build-in scheduling links make organizing your meetings as easy, fast, and frustration-free as it should be in 2021. Create one-on-one booking pages, permanent links, or just copy your availability in one click.

Defend your Time with Tasks

Make sure you get things done by organizing your backlog, choosing what to do every day and blocking your calendar to avoid others fragmenting your focus time.

Calendar, with superpowers

Morgen make common actions lightning fast. From one-click join to virtual meetings to quick peeks into your calendars, passing through keyboard shortcuts, Morgen makes time management a pleasure.

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Morgen is available on Windows, Mac and - yes! - Linux

Privacy is not a compromise

We don't serve ads, we don't sell your data, we don't have access to your calendar accounts unless you explicitly opt-in to enable those features that could not be served otherwise. We protect your Privacy by keeping as much as possible on your computer while giving you access to the best calendaring tools with any hosting provider, even your own calendar server.

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