A streamlined calendar for your busy life

Morgen merges your calendars, to do’s, productivity apps and schedulers. Morgen simplifies time management so you can stop flipping between calendars, apps and browser tabs, and just get work done.

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All your calendars, consolidated.

Synchronize Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud, CalDAV and more.

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Sync all your calendars

Gone are the days of flipping between personal and work calendars. Manage every calendar in one place. With real-time synchronization, you'll never miss a commitment or double book.

Connect your Google, Microsoft, iCloud, CalDav and more.

Share your availabilities

Stop sending coordination emails or impersonal Calendly links.

Create and share personalized scheduling links so people book time when you're available. Morgen checks your availability in real-time to avoid double booking.

Schedule time for tasks

Integrate your favorite to do apps or create tasks right in Morgen. Schedule focused time, track progress and start making time for work that matters.

Connect with Todoist, Google Tasks, Microsoft To Do and more.

Join virtual rooms with one click

Join virtual meetings without even opening the invite. A join button will appear on your screen right before a meeting – click and you’re in.

Integrate Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Simplify coordination with global teams

Enable secondary time zones for easier scheduling across global teams.

Get more done when you integrate your favorite apps

Organize the time from your calendars, to dos, emails, PM tools and CRMs

Morgen integrates with Google CalendarGoogle Calendar
Morgen integrates with Office 365Office 365
Morgen integrates with ExchangeExchange
Morgen integrates with Apple CalendarApple Calendar
Morgen integrates with FastMailFastMail
Morgen integrates with DayliteDaylite
Morgen integrates with CalDAVCalDAV
Morgen integrates with Calendar feedsCalendar feeds
Morgen integrates with TodoistTodoist
Morgen integrates with Google TasksGoogle Tasks
Morgen integrates with Microsoft To DoMicrosoft To Do
Morgen integrates with Outlook MailOutlook Mail
Morgen integrates with ZoomZoom
Morgen integrates with Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams
Morgen integrates with Google MeetGoogle Meet
Morgen integrates with ZapierZapier
Morgen integrates with GmailGmailSOON
Morgen integrates with NotionNotionSOON
Morgen integrates with AsanaAsanaSOON
Morgen integrates with Monday.comMonday.comSOON
Morgen integrates with LinearLinearSOON
Download now on Windows, macOS and Linux

Free 14 days trial. No credit card required.

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Download now on Windows, macOS and Linux

Free 14 days trial. No credit card required.

We respect your privacy

We won't serve you ads or sell your data. We're committed to maintaining your privacy - based on the Morgen features you want to use, you decide what permissions to grant Morgen.

Download now on Windows, macOs and Linux

Free 14 days trial. No credit card required.

Managing your busy schedule just got easier

Morgen is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Mobile in beta.

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Free 14 days trial. No credit card required.

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