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Designed for professionals who manage multiple accounts, who want to schedule meetings faster, or need to keep track of tasks and appointments in a single, safe place.

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How can Morgen help you?

Bring all your calendars together

Your time is one, and its management should not be scattered across many different tools. Connect all your Google, Microsoft, iCloud, CalDAV accounts and manage them all in one place. Avoid continuous context switching and share your true availability.

Send a link with your availability, let others book a slot

Create a personalized Scheduling link by pressing and selecting available slots directly in your calendar. Morgen will check your availability in real-time to avoid any double booking.

Defend your Time with Tasks

Make sure you get things done by organizing your backlog, choosing what to do every day and blocking your calendar to avoid others fragmenting your focus time.

Import tasks from thousands of apps with Zapier.

Bring up your calendar anytime, anywhere

No more lost in tabs. When you need to have a quick peek into your calendar, use to bring it up and to go back.

One more hint? Use can also use and to switch between daily and weekly view while in Quick peek mode.

Joining meetings, with one click, at the right time with native notifications.

Notifications for your upcoming meetings integrated into your system. No more searching for virtual room links: join a video call with one-click on the notification, or on the join button that is always visible on the bottom-right corner of the app.

Re-focusing on the calendars that matter in a split second

Bring up and filter out calendars is fast, very fast. Morgen lets you group a specific set of calendars under any numeric key, you can then quickly focus on the sets of calendars you need without touching the mouse.

Time zones designed for remote teams

Today one secondary time zone is hardly enough. Morgen offers first-class support for time zone conversion. You can enable up to 9 secondary time zones and easily check how a meeting looks like in other people's days.

Merge the same event across calendars

When you have access to the calendar of other people, your often end up with duplicate events in your calendar view. Morgen can reduce the clutter by merging duplicate events automatically. This feature is currently in Beta.

Synchronizes with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, iCloud, and CalDAV.

In other words, any calendar

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Superpower your calendars.
Fast-forward to 2022.

Here are just some of the pros over Google Calendar web app and Outlook.

✔ All calendars in one place because your time is one

✔ Calendar sets to see exactly what you need

✔ Scheduling links so no need to pay for other schedulers

✔ Integrated tasks to easily block your time

✔ Time zone assistant because we are in worldwide workplace

✔ Event merging to avoid duplicate events across calendars (beta)

✔ One-click Join button to always be on time for your calls

✔ App for Win, Mac, and Linux not to loose your time in browser tabs

Ready to take control over your time?

Morgen is available on Windows, Mac and - yes! - Linux. Coming soon on Web and Mobile.

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Our take on Privacy

We don't serve ads, we don't sell your data, we don't have access to your calendar accounts unless you explicitly opt-in to enable those features that could not be served otherwise. We protect your Privacy by keeping as much as possible on your computer while giving you access to the best calendaring tools with any hosting provider, even your own calendar server.

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