Zero-hustle scheduling

Copy your availability into an email directly drawing in your calendar, or set up meetings like “Select & Forget” with Scheduling Links.

Forget about tedious and ineffective back and forth conversations to arrange a meeting. Say goodbye to reshuffles because you forgot about a dentist appointment.

Simply draw a few of possible slots in your calendar and send a link to your invitees. And yes, both work and personal calendars can be checked for availability.

Choose your Availability

Selecting timeslots couldn't really be any easier. Hit and just draw the times on the calendar.

You can then decide whether you want to copy those slots as plain text with , or go for a smart scheduling link.

Availability Check

Select the calendars to check for your availability. Morgen Scheduler will check against your calendars to make sure all the booking pages are up to date and only show the times when you are actually available.

If one of your events should not be considered as busy time by Morgen, simply save it as “Free”

A Quick Join buttons allows you to connect to meetings with one click
A Quick Join buttons allows you to connect to meetings with one click

One-Time Links

Let’s face it, some meetings are more important than others. Morgen One-Time Links are adhoc links designed for a one-on-one meeting.

In some cases, we want to provide a little more flexibility or we want to make the invitee important by sharing a customized link. With Morgen one-time links you can do this quickly and accurately.

You can make it even faster by saving the link and automatically generating an email draft for you to finalise and send.

Permanent Links

Morgen Permanent Links are the easiest and safest way to open a window into your calendar.

Create a set of weekly slots that work for a specific kind of meetings, like 1:1 meetings with teams, calls with customers, and others.

Create a permanent link for each of those sets.

Finally, share them with anyone relevant so they can book a meeting with you at any time.

A Quick Join buttons allows you to connect to meetings with one click

Reschedule and Cancellation

Easy update and cancellation for your invitees.

Your invitees will have the ability to update, reschedule, and cancel a meeting they set up with any of the scheduling links you shared with them.

Don’t worry about a thing, Morgen will keep your availability updated. It considers all the calendars you chose when creating the link.

Links Status

Stay on top of your one-time links with their status (Booked / Expired).

Wondering whether one of your one-time links was used and you missed the email? No more available dates? Wonder whether you can delete some of your past scheduling links? Stay on top of it with the status of the scheduling links you created.

Need even more control?

Here are some additional features that you'll love

✔ Personalized public booking page to list all your links

✔ Customizable URLs to make them look great

✔ White-labeling so you can bring your branding forward

✔ Adjustable buffer time to take some breath when needed

✔ Email reminders to the attendee to reduce no-shows

✔ Videoconferencing integrations such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams

✔ Fixed IP address if you have strict security requirements

Ready to simplify your scheduling?

Have a great day.

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